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Waves of change: our second location!

Seattle Healing Acupuncture, located between South Lake Union and Green Lake, is now one of two locations for Elevated Acupuncture! Our friend, colleague, and mentor, Jackie Close, is moving into the next phase of her Chinese Medical knowledge with her doctorate in Qi Gong and distance healing. We are honored and thrilled she asked us to step up and serve the community in her stead--we have big shoes to fill.

During this transition, you will notice a myriad of new, friendly, competent faces, including our front desk staff, Piper and Aracely, and our newest addition, Aurora, our well-established Doctor of Acupuncture. 

What does this mean for you? Both locations will accept the same insurances, same billing, same ability to book online or in-person. In fact, Jackie and Bethany are working together over the next 2 months to ensure the patient experience is streamlined and flawlessly healing, even with some new faces involved. We are hoping that although it's always sad to see a practitioner move on, that you will feel held and supported by our very capable and caring team. Jackie will still be taking Qi Gong and remote healing clients, as she finalizes her doctorate in medical Qi Gong, and is ordained as a lama in the Buddhist tradition. 

For the remainder of Summer, we will phase in Aurora starting 7/18/24 as the primary practitioner at Seattle Healing Acupuncture, and Piper and sometimes Aracely as the new front desk. We are open to questions and feedback as this process unfolds, so don't be shy--we are here for and in service of you!

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