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acupuncture services

initial evaluation
& Treatment

This 60-75 minute session includes both initial intake, as well as treatment.

Chinese Medical Diagnosis developed during this time together will address both the root of the disease as well as symptoms you want addressed, and can be modified along the course of treatment.  

We will focus on clearing blocks, re-establishing flow within the body, muscles, organs, mind, and spirit, and building a treatment plan.


Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes and include a mini re-evaluation, acupuncture treatment, and other modalities which can include cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion. 


We will continue to build on prior treatments to maintain balance within the body, muscles, organs, mind, and spirit.


Any modifications to the treatment plan and customized counsel to lifestyle, etc, will be addressed as well.


in network with:

Rates for out of pocket payment are discounted when paid at time of service. The discounted rates are: 

$140 Initial Treatment (New Patient)

$95 Return Treatment


In-network and out-of-network insurance is accepted. 

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